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Winter is coming, and for most of us that means gathering around our fireplace with our loved ones and roasting marshmallows. Other people rely on their chimney as a way to supplement their home heating system. No matter what you use your chimney for, it is imperative that you get it cleaned on a regular basis by certified chimney sweeps. Hackensack homeowners know they can come to Guardian Chimney when they need their chimneys cleaned. But why should you have certified sweeps do the job?

For one thing, chimney sweeps that have been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America meet the standards set forth by that organization. The group measures chimney sweeps’ knowledge about how to safely and effectively clean chimneys and do repair work on both chimneys and venting systems.

When your chimney is dirty, that means creosote (a byproduct of burning wood and other fuel sources) and soot have built up in your chimney. While you might not even notice this has happened, there will be plenty of warning signs that this is a problem.

You might notice a funny odor coming from your chimney or, when you are burning wood or another fuel source, you might experience a backdraft where the smoke and exhaust fumes are blown back down into your home, rather than being properly vented out. Not only does this make breathing difficult, but it could result in an excess amount of carbon monoxide in your home, which is a big health and safety risk for you and your loved ones.

A dirty chimney is also more of a fire hazard. Sparks and embers are more likely to shoot up through the top of your chimney and onto your roof.

Chimney sweeps like the ones at Guardian Chimney will come to your home and thoroughly inspect and clean your chimney. And if they notice there is any needed repair work to your chimney, like the masonry, liner or flue, they can tell you about it and make the necessary repairs.

The end result is a clean chimney and you get the peace of mind you deserve knowing you hired certified professional chimney sweeps to take care of this for you. You and your loved ones can enjoy your fireplace this winter without having to worry about your chimney and whether or not it is in good condition.

If you would like more information on chimney sweeps in Hackensack, call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or you can Contact Us.