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As a company that offers chimney repair in Hackensack NJ, we are often asked what kind of chimney repair work we do the most often. There are several different kinds, ranging from cleaning creosote build up to masonry repair and more. Here are a few types of the most common chimney repair work we do.

Creosote Build Up

When gases from burning wood combine and cool in the chimney, creosote is formed. It is a sticky, smelly tar-like substance that can build cup can cause blockages in the chimney, not to mention other problems that require chimney repair, like bad smells, the deterioration of the chimney’s walls and even a chimney fire. Regular chimney cleaning can help make sure creosote doesn’t build up on the chimney walls.

Soot Build Up

When the smoke fumes from a fire don’t rise rapidly enough up the chimney, or when the flue is not wide enough to vent the fire properly, soot can build up. Installing a smoke guard in the flue can help the smoke get drawn up and out of the chimney better and more easily.

Falling Rubble

If you see anything falling down the flue, such as pieces of brick or stone (or whatever material your chimney is made out of), this signifies that there is a breakdown somewhere in your chimney’s structure. You will need to call a trusty chimney repair company like Guardian Chimney to get this fixed.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide fumes can be deadly, so if your carbon monoxide detector goes off, evacuate your home immediately. Some of the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include strong headaches, dizziness, nausea, fainting and mental confusion. Call on us for chimney repair if you are experiencing problems with high levels of carbon monoxide.

For more information on chimney repair in Hackensack NJ, call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or you can Contact Us.