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Routine chimney inspections are a critical part of making sure your chimney and fireplace are safe to use. They can help spot small problems before they become bigger ones, and they can help give you the peace of mind you deserve that your chimney is not a fire or carbon monoxide hazard to you and your loved ones. One of the many services we offer are chimney video inspections in New Jersey, so we thought we would take the time to break down the differences between video inspections and what they entail.

Level one chimney inspections are the most popular type of inspection. Generally, these are recommended for those who have used their chimneys and fireplace without any issue in the past. This is when we come to your home and visually inspect the readily accessible parts of your chimney. We do not use any special tools for this type of inspection, but the pros here at Guardian Chimney know what to look for when inspecting your chimney in this way. We will look at your chimney’s exterior and interior as well as any easily accessible portions of the appliance and chimney connections.

Level two chimney video inspections are recommended when you are making any major changes to your chimney, like if you are changing the type of fuel it uses, if you had the flue relined or if there was a major external event, like severe weather or a building fire. These types of chimney video inspections are also needed when you are selling your property. This type of inspection is more detailed than a level one inspection. It includes all of the inspection work of a level one, but other areas are also inspected, like your attic and any crawl spaces. Plus, a video camera is usually used. These chimney video inspections will check the chimney’s flue and they will also look for damage or cracks to the joints within the chimney’s structure.

Finally, level three chimney inspections use all of the checks of level one and level two inspections, and they will also look at the concealed portions of your chimney. Parts of your chimney might be removed. This is usually only done when there has been serious damage to the chimney or if serious damage is suspected.

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