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Brick, the most common type of chimney found within the American home, is subject to breakdown in an exciting variety of ways, frequently creating a need to call in for the assistance of a masonry repair expert. The effects of time and weather gradually break down the structure of individual bricks through a mechanical process known as spalling.

Spall occurs when moisture finds its way into the pores of individual bricks, goes through subsequent and repeated freeze and thaw processes. As a brick freezes, its volume expands. Once thawed, the pressures involved in this ebb and flow cause flaking and gradual breakdown to occur—which has an adverse effect on the masonry holding the structure together.

As the brick breaks down, once tight seals between it and the masonry become porous, creating the very same spalling effect to begin on the concrete itself. The end result is a gradual breakdown of the chimney, deterioration occurring over time. Flakes, specks and shards of brick and mortar will be found throughout the roof, gutters and your yard.

Masonry repair specialists will then need to be called in to perform patchwork repair, replacing portions of or completely rebuilding your beloved chimney. Fortunately, for residents of Fort Lee and surrounding environs, Guardian Chimney, a full service, family-owned and -operated chimney cleaning, chimney repair and masonry repair company is ready and able to come in and help. Guardian Chimney performs a wide variety of services for chimney owners including cleaning, relining and video inspections.

For more information on masonry repair in Fort Lee, call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or contact us to Schedule an Appointment.