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Making sure your chimney is in good shape is an important part of keeping you and your loved ones safe from the threat of a fire. Guardian Chimney offers masonry repair in Bergen County and the surrounding areas, and there are several reasons we recommend our masonry repair service to our customers that have fireplaces built out of brick or stone.

Masonry fireplaces, or ones made out of brick and/or stone, are incredibly heavy. So they need an extensive footing that can handle their weight and bulk. And if there is anything wrong with this footing or if it is not sturdy enough, over time the bricks and stones can shift and cause cracks. These cracks could allow fire to escape and ignite nearby combustibles, like trees or roofing materials. And your chimney is always exposed to the outdoor elements, like weather and wind. So that means these building materials are more susceptible to problems like settling or being damaged by severe weather.

You can help ensure that your chimney and its bricks and mortar stay in good condition for as long as possible with a few simple precautions. The first and biggest one is calling a professional chimney repair company like Guardian Chimney if you notice that your chimney needs some masonry repair like tuckpointing. Also known as “re-pointing,” this is when we scrape out the old mortar from between the bricks and replace it with new mortar.

We can also come out and take a look at your chimney cap and the waterproofing. These two parts of your chimney are crucial when it comes to keeping water and debris out of your chimney. Waterproofing can help keep the interior metal parts of your chimney from rusting and needing repair or replacement. And a chimney cap also keeps out more than water: it can also keep birds and other critters from nesting in your chimney.

Masonry repair can help protect your family and home from more than just a fire. If your chimney is in bad shape, it could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the chimney cannot properly vent the fire in your fireplace. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so you might not realize it is a problem before it becomes a really big problem!

Would you like to learn more about masonry repair in Bergen County? Call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or you can Contact Us.