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At Guardian Chimney, we extol the advantages of chimney caps for Hackensack fireplaces. But why are chimney caps such a great idea? How can they benefit you, your home and your fireplace? Here are a few of our favorite reasons chimney caps are such a great idea and you should look into having one installed if you do not already have one.

Keep Out Critters

One of the biggest advantages of chimney caps is that they keep animals from nesting in your chimney. It is quite easy for the pesky animals to get into your chimney; it is another matter for them to get out of your chimney. More often than not, they can’t get out once they get in. Then they get trapped in your chimney and die, which leads a big problem trying to get the animal carcass out of there. Nests can also clog your chimney, which could result in a fire or the smoke and ash blowing back out into your home.

Keep Out Rain

Rain can easily get into your chimney if you do not have a cap on it. If rain flows down into your chimney, the water can get into your stove, fireplace, attic or home and cause water damage and mold and mildew problems. This could lead to the need for expensive repairs. Chimney caps can help prevent this.

Keep Out Wind

If it is a windy day outside, the wind can blow down into your chimney and create a downdraft. Your home could fill with cold air or smoke and ash. Chimney caps help prevent this from happening, and you could even make your home more energy efficient. However, chimney caps sold and installed by Guardian Chimney will not prevent the smoke from your fireplace from traveling up the chimney and out of the top.

Prevent Sparks

Chimney caps can help deflect sparks that can travel up your chimney and land on your roof. The sparks could cause a fire, so chimney caps can help prevent your roof and house from catching on fire. Chimney caps can help keep you, your family and your home safe.

These are just a few reasons chimney caps are a good idea for your chimney. They can help keep you safe and help prevent the need for expensive repair work.

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