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Now that the temperatures are finally starting to rise, many of us have stopped using our fireplaces and chimneys until the weather starts to cool down again later on this year. But did you know that Spring is a great time of year to get your chimney cleaned and inspected so you can be sure it is in good condition next winter? Guardian Chimney specializes in chimney repair in Bergen County and the surrounding areas, and we can think of a few good reasons you should put calling us on your Spring to do list.

We can come to your home to first do a chimney inspection. There are a few different types of chimney inspections, and the main one we offer is a level two video inspection. We will use a special camera that will show a color picture of the inside of your chimney. We can inspect the chimney’s interior – the parts that are invisible to the naked eye – and from there determine if we need to perform any of our chimney repair services.

A popular chimney repair service during the Spring is what is called tuckpointing. This is when we repair the damaged mortar between the bricks of your chimney. Over time, the mortar can crack, and this can be a safety risk for you and your family. Plus, calling us for tuckpointing can help increase the life span of your chimney. This is a very skilled type of labor, so it is important to call a reliable and expert chimney repair company, like Guardian Chimney.

Another type of chimney repair that we often see this time of year is waterproofing. Spring and summer can bring a lot of rain and humidity to this area, so making sure your chimney is waterproof is very important. We can come to your home and apply something called Chimney Saver. This is a tried and true product that can reduce how much water penetrates your chimney by about 99%! Chimneys are especially vulnerable to water penetration because they extend above the roof line. So protecting them from water is imperative to making sure your chimney remains safe to use.

Of course, if you have any questions about these or other chimney repair services we offer, feel free to give us a call!

Do you need chimney repair in Bergen County or the surrounding areas? Call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or you can Contact Us.