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As time passes, all of the ingredients that combine to make up your chimney disintegrate, break away and fall apart altogether without proper care. Ensuring that your chimney is in good working order goes a long way in keeping your family safe from the threat of fire, among other issues that can pop up.

Guardian Chimney offers masonry repair in Essex County and neighboring areas. There are several reasons that masonry repair is an advisable and worthwhile pursuit for your chimney and/or fireplace made of stone or brick.

Masonry fireplaces are very heavy. They need extensive footing that can carry all handle their weight and bulk. If there are problems with any existing footing, the bricks or stones will shift, causing cracks in themselves and in the masonry. Fire can escape these cracks and ignite local combustibles such as trees or roofing.

Your chimney is permanently exposed to the outdoor elements of precipitation, temperature and wind. The chimney and its masonry will be in a position to always bear the brunt of these elements, making it likely that they will gradually succumb to the issues presented by severe weather.

There are some things you can do to help prevent the gradual breakdown of your chimney. Keep the bricks and mortar in great shape for as long as is possible by taking some simple steps. Call in the help of an expert chimney repair company such as Guardian Chimney—if and when you notice that the chimney needs some masonry repair. Issues like tuckpointing (“re-pointing”)—when professionals remove old mortar from between existing bricks and replace it with new mortar—and easily prevent the need for further masonry repair, or even having to replace the entire chimney.

Professionals also can pay your home a visit to gander upon your chimney cap and conduct waterproofing. Both of these are crucial when it comes to keeping water and debris out of your chimney, waterproofing can help keep the interior metals within your chimney from rusting and needing repair or replacement. A chimney cap also contributes to the overall efficiency of the chimney, doing more than just keeping out water: it is an unintended means of denying access to birds and rodentia from nesting in your chimney or just calling it home.

A little masonry repair will also protect your family and home from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. If cracks in masonry prevent effective venting from your fireplace, carbon monoxide will creep back into your home. Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide getting may not be something you realize is happening before a worst case scenario can begin to unfold!

Would you like to learn more about masonry repair in Essex County? Call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or you can contact us.