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guardian chimney hackensack chimney inspectionWith the winter nearly upon us, it is now more important than ever to schedule a chimney inspection for your Hackensack home. There are plenty of reasons you should get this done, but the most important is keeping you, your loved ones and your home safe from the threat of a chimney fire.

There are three main types of chimney inspections: level one, level two and level three. In general, most people will need to get a level one chimney inspection done to check for things like the basic soundness of your chimney and its components like the flue. This is usually done visually and is best for chimneys that are going to be used the way they are always used.

A level two chimney inspection is done when any changes are made to the system. For example, when the fuel type is changed or when the flue has been changed. These are also required when you are selling your home or transferring ownership or after there has been some type of significant operation malfunction or some type of external event is suspected of causing damage to the structure of the chimney.

A level three inspection is done when serious hazard conditions are suspected, like if there has already been a chimney or house fire.

A chimney inspection is the best way to ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe to use. A chimney that has not been inspected or cleaned in recent memory is a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. Creosote is a byproduct of the burning process, and it is a sticky substance that is found on the interior walls of a chimney. If left unchecked and if not cleaned on a regular basis, this substance can ignite and cause a house fire.

You should also get a chimney inspection to ensure the toxic gasses that are also a result of a burning fire are being properly ventilated out of your chimney. If those gasses get into your home, they could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Some signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, headaches and nausea and worse.

When you call us for a chimney inspection, we will first inspect your chimney and then make sure it is as clean as possible. That way, you and your family can safely enjoy a warm fire in your fireplace this winter without fear it could end up harming you.

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