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Gas Logs for Your Paramus NJ Home

Gas Logs for Your Paramus NJ HomeAn endless of array of choices exist in the marketplace for keeping your house comfy and warm. You may have a fireplace and an electric or radiant heating combination. The solution that meets your needs (the look you want, the money available and your layout) is out there. A very energy efficient and pleasing to the eye option is gas logs. Paramus NJ denizens are very happy with the heat, comfort and ambiance offered by gas logs. Guardian Chimney is the nearby company for installing and maintaining them.

With a focus on detail, wide selection of services and products, Guardian Chimney is the ideal choice for ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable whenever the need calls for it.

Benefits of Gas Logs

The beauty and peace provided by a traditional fireplace cannot be denied. With those qualities come issues. Many homeowners are making the choice to go with a more updated heating system, like gas logs. A standard fireplace comes with a list of apprehensions and maintenance issues. If you make the switch to gas logs, these concerns go up in smoke.

The benefits of a gas logs heating system are plenty:

  • Convenience – Wood logs do offer a pleasant aroma, but you also have to account for the time spent cleaning out the hearth, maintaining the fireplace and chimney. Gas logs offer the ability to just turn it on when you need the heat and to turn it off when you do not. No extra logs need to be kept by the fireplace, no ashes need to be swept out.
  • Eco-friendly – Gas logs are more environmentally friendly than wood. Wood burning fireplaces produce more smoke and destroy more trees, adding to the burden of our overwhelmed environment. No gas logs are emission free, but they do produce significantly less than wooden logs.
  • Installation – It is cheaper to install gas logs – even if you don’t have a fireplace – than it is to add a wood-burning fireplace. In addition, it is as much as 25% more cost effective to use gas logs.
  • Safety – Gas logs do not coat your fireplace with creosote, they produce no harmful sparks and soot/ashes are not thrust into a room. Termites will not be able to infest your home as they can by keeping an indoor supply of wooden logs.

Installing Gas Logs from Guardian Chimney

With more than two decades of experience, we recognize the value of a home heating system that provides not only comfort but beauty, as well. As gas log installation and maintenance pros, you can depend on us to only install the finest quality gas logs. We offer vented (needs a chimney) and vent-free gas logs (no chimney required), so you can enjoy the romance of a log fire, without all the mess!

Don’t wait until next year to have gas logs installed in your home. Talk to the pros at Guardian Chimney today!

Would you like to learn more about gas logs in Paramus NJ and the surrounding areas? Call us at Guardian Chimney at 888-688-1388, or you can Contact Us.