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Ocean County NJ Gas Fireplace Logs

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Is there anything better than sitting around the fireplace with friends and family, sharing memories while the fire gently crackles? The wood burns, and while it might smell nice, there is the soot. And the log will need to be replaced. Not to mention the cost of buying firewood.

Benefits of Gas Logs
Heating costs aren’t cheap. And the winters in Seaside Heights, Mantoloking and the rest of Ocean County can be downright brutal. When you have a mortgage and other bills to pay, why shouldn’t you take advantage of cheaper energy? This is one of the biggest benefits offered by gas logs, along with:

  • Simplicity to operate. With the simple turn of a valve or push on a remote control, you have fire. Plus, they are permanent. No more will you have to get up and throw another log in the fire.
  • Lifespan. Gas logs don’t need electricity to operate, so no worrying about going cold if the power’s out.
  • Eco Friendly. These logs burn cleaner than wood, reducing air pollutants in your home. Flying, dangerous sparks and dirty ashes are a thing of the past. You also won’t have to worry about creosote building up in the chimney, thereby reducing the risk of a chimney fire.

Installing Gas Logs
The first thing Guardian Chimney will do to install gas fireplace logs in your Ocean County home is to remove the existing lighter pipe and fittings. We ensure the gas supply is remaining, and then position the metal tray in the fireplace’s center. We connect the gas supply tube, and then pour sand and embers over the burner pipe. Our staff concludes by placing over the tray the grate and logs, so the flame is distributed nicely. The job takes about an hour to complete, depending on the existing setup of the fireplace.

Ocean County NJ chimney homeowners can choose to take advantage of gas fireplace logs, and while some may dismiss these as nothing more than “fake fires,” read on to learn about why gas logs for fireplaces are an option to heavily consider.
Types of Gas Logs
Gas logs from Guardian Chimney of Ocean County comes in two varieties:

  • Vented Gas Logs
    These are the most popular type, and are installed in chimneys which limit the efficiency of the heat. Their popularity is due to the close resemblance of a wood fire, and their flexibility, as the logs can be repositioned.
  • Vent Free Gas Logs
    No chimney needed! Vent free logs are more adept as the primary heat source because they do not produce high amounts of heat. Due to the oxygen depletion sensors that come with them, special permitting may apply.
Why hire Guardian Chimney instead of doing it yourself?
Over our years in business, the Guardian Chimney team has installed thousands of gas fireplace logs in Mantoloking, Seaside Heights and the rest of Ocean County homes. We have the experience and know how to do the job properly, and take extra precautions since gas is involved. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, then you need to contact us as any mistake could cause you to be injured, or worse. Installing a gas fireplace log might seem like a DIY job, but our experts can ensure the task is undertaken safely and correctly.

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