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Guardian Chimney specializes in chimney repair in Paramus NJ, and we are often called on for the same chimney repair jobs. Here are a few of the most common ones we see and how we usually resolve the issue.

Creosote Build-Up

A byproduct of the combustion process, creosote can build up on the inside of your chimney and cause several different problems. For one thing, this build-up can cause chimney fires. It can also keep dangerous fumes and gasses from being properly vented out of your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that can be fatal if a person is exposed to it for too long. When you call us for this type of chimney repair, we use special tools to clean the creosote from the inside of your chimney.

Clogs or Blockages

If you haven’t used your chimney for a long time, it’s important you call us to take a look at it before you use it. Birds and other animals can build nests in there, and other debris can clog your chimney. Cleaning out blockages is a frequent chimney repair request that we get. And even if you use your chimney on a regular basis, you should still have us out to inspect it at least once a year.

Masonry Repair

Through the years, the mortar between the bricks of your chimney can deteriorate. This exposes the entire chimney to moisture and that can cause problems with the rest of the brickwork. The best way to avoid this is to call us at the first sign that you need this chimney repair. We know how to properly fix the mortar so your chimney is not exposed to moisture and the problems that can come with that.

Cracked Flue

The flue is one of the most important parts of your chimney in terms of keeping you, your family and your home safe from the threat of a fire. If there are any cracks in the flue, you should not use your chimney or fireplace. The cracks can expose your family to carbon monoxide and the combustible parts of your home to heat, which can start a fire. We can take a look at your chimney and give it a full inspection. And if you need this type of chimney repair, we can take care of that so you and your family can safely enjoy your fireplace.

For more information on chimney repair in Paramus NJ, call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or Contact Us.