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In the cold winter months, you might be thinking about your wood-burning fireplace and wondering if there is a safer and more cost-effective way to enjoy the warmth of a fire. We are here to tell you there is! Gas logs are popular in Bergen County, and there are several reasons for this. Here are a few of our favorites.

Convenient and Safe

Gas logs are incredibly convenient. You just flip a switch to turn them on and off, and there is no need to worry about cleaning up ash or chopping firewood. You don’t have to worry about creosote building up in your chimney and becoming a fire or carbon monoxide hazard either. So that keeps your family and your home safe while you still get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire. You also don’t have to worry about sparks shooting out from the top of your chimney and possibly starting a fire.

Efficient and Long-lasting

Gas logs are an efficient way to heat your home. They outlast conventional wood, and you never have to worry about buying and restocking wood for a fire. Plus, they are far more environmentally friendly than wood, and that helps decrease your carbon footprint. They are also a great source of light and heat if your power goes out. This is especially useful during a snow or ice storm!

Cost Effective and Budget Friendly

When you have gas logs installed in your fireplace, there is no need for costly renovations. We can install them in your existing fireplace! You will not have to worry about buying firewood, or having your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. Gas logs give you all of the enjoyment of a fireplace but without the cost or mess. So you can still entertain family and friends around the fire, but instead of cleaning out your fireplace after everyone leaves, you simply flick a switch and the fire goes out.

Fewer Pests

If wood is stacked and stored improperly, termites, rodents and other pests can make their home in there. So when you bring the wood into your home, you could also be bringing those pests indoors too. You can totally eliminate this risk by switching to gas logs.

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