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October 5 through October 11 is Fire Prevention Week. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sponsors this event every year to raise awareness about what people can do to prevent fires. They also encourage people to make sure there are working fire alarms in their homes. We perform chimney inspections in Paramus and we have a few suggestions on how you can keep your home safe from chimney fires.

Creosote is the build-up that results when you burn wood in a fireplace. The by-products of the wood-burning fire need to go somewhere, so they go up through your chimney and are expelled outside. Condensation occurs during this process since the chimney is cooler than the fire. This condensation can take many different forms: a sticky, tar-like substance, a shiny and hardened material or a flaky and crusty substance. Regardless of the form it takes, it builds up on your chimney and is flammable. So if you continue to burn wood and don’t have your chimney regularly looked at by a chimney inspections company like Guardian Chimney, this can cause a fire. Regular chimney cleaning and chimney inspections can help prevent this hazard.

Not only that, routine chimney inspections can also help with potential maintenance issues. When your chimney is inspected, we can keep an eye out for anything that is in need of repair. That way, you can rest easy knowing your chimney is in good working order and safe to use. Plus, we can clean your chimney too. Clean chimneys do not normally catch on fire. So after we’ve been to your home for chimney cleaning and chimney inspections, you can use your fireplace and know your family and your home are safe from harm.

Make sure your chimney is working as it should and is clean by calling on our company for chimney inspections in Paramus. Call us at 1-888-688-1388 or you can Contact Us.