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guardian chimney masonry repair newarkWhen it comes to the safety and well-being of your family and other loved ones, you can never be too careful. This is one of the many reasons we specialize in masonry repair in Newark and the surrounding areas. We want to help keep you and your family safe from the threat of a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are a few of the most common types of mason repair that we see and work on.

Repointing (also known as tuck pointing)

The mortar between the bricks of your chimney sometimes gets worn down or totally worn away. This can cause a variety of issues, like water seeping into your chimney and it can also compromise the structure of the chimney itself. So we can come out and replace that mortar and this is known as repointing. Also known as tuck pointing, this is a pretty common issue with chimneys, especially older ones that haven’t had the mortar repaired or replaced for quite awhile.

Chimney crowns

Over time, cracks can develop in chimney crowns and these cracks allow water to enter into your chimney. The water will freeze and thaw and, over time, this will create more cracks in your chimney and mortar. Eventually, the chimney crown will deteriorate. A routine chimney inspection will catch this issue before it becomes a huge problem. But if it’s not caught, then you might need to have a new chimney crown installed.


The flashing on your roof is sheet metal that is put in to make the connection between your chimney and roof watertight. If your flashing needs repair, your roof can leak and that can lead to rot and mold. This is another important aspect of your chimney that needs to be looked at on a regular basis to ensure it does not need repair or replacement.


Over time, all of the materials that your chimney is made out of (other than the stone or brick) will deteriorate as it is exposed to water. This holds true especially during the freeze/thaw process. The water that gets into your chimney will cause metal parts to rust and then they will be weakened or even destroyed.

These are just a handful of common masonry repair problems.

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