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NJ Chimney Repair Services

Guardian Chimney


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At Guardian Chimney, we specialize in chimney repairs in New Jersey. We offer our customers a wide range of chimney and masonry repair services to provide safety to homeowners. Since chimneys have an exterior exposure, they will often need repaired. To accomplish this, we utilize the following techniques:

Chimney Dampers

Our dampers help keep out animals and rain from entering your chimney. Your damper will also open to allow smoke and gas from a lit fire out of the chimney.

Regular chimney repairs important …

Your cap, lining and damper will need to be replaced at least once to maintain proper function. Installation and repair of these materials will improve your chimney’s function more than before.

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Chimney Relining

Your chimney needs to have a flue liner that serves to function and release products like gases, condensation and creosote.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps prevent intruders like rain, leaves and animals from entering and creating blockage within your chimney. They also help slow the entrance of cold weather into your home.

Serving the following New Jersey counties:

  • Morris
  • Bergen
  • Essex
  • Ocean
  • Hudson
  • Passaic
  • Union

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