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Chimney Liner Hackensack

Chimney Liner HackensackThe chimney liner is one of the most important parts of your chimney. It is part of what helps protect your home from a fire, and it can help increase the life span of your chimney. You want to be sure you get your chimney liner at your Hackensack home looked at on a regular basis by professional chimney sweeps. If there is a problem with the liner, it can be immediately addressed, and that can help decrease the chance of a house fire.

There are plenty of reasons to look into getting a new chimney liner:

  • The chimney liner will protect your house from heat transfer to combustibles. In chimneys that are not lined, the heat will move so rapidly through the chimney that nearby woodwork caught on fire after just a few hours. (This testing was done by the National Bureau of Standards, now known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology.)
  • If flue gases penetrate the brick and mortar of your chimney, the life span of your chimney will drastically decrease. The acidic gases in your chimney will eat away at the brick mortar, and it can also lead to a possible carbon monoxide leak.
  • A chimney liner can also make sure that the chimney flue is the correct size to correctly perform and do its work. It can help with the amount of creosote that builds up in your chimney, and it can help make sure all carbon monoxide is properly ventilated out of your home.

These are just a few of the reasons you need a properly working chimney liner. Call us today so we can come to your home to ensure yours is in good shape and working as it should be.

Professional Chimney Liner Installation

The professionals at Guardian Chimney are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. This means you can rest easy knowing your new chimney liner is being installed by some of the best in the business.

We are family owned and operated as well, and that means you can enjoy personalized service and attention to detail. You are not just another customer to us: keeping you and your family as safe as possible from a chimney fire is our top priority.

Give us a call today so we can tell you more about getting a new chimney liner installed. We can answer any questions you have and put you on our schedule as soon as possible!

Hackensack Chimney Liner

Are you interested in learning more about a new chimney liner for your Hackensack home? Call Guardian Chimney at 888-688-1388 or Contact Us.