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Do not get caught unprepared to fight the elements. Have an annual chimney inspection for your home conducted now! If anything is amiss within your chimney, Guardian Chimney can sweep and clean residual fireplace bi-products created by burning your fireplace this winter. You do not want to take the chance on allowing this years’ remnants to cause problems for you next year. Level 2 Chimney Inspections allow you to see what, if anything, is wrong within your chimney flue system.

A chimney filled with creosote is a potential fire hazard and could lead to a chimney fire. Chimney Inspections are a proper way to evaluate the interior of your chimney. It will help tackle what needs to be done before the active fall and winter season. An annual inspection is essential and necessary to determine if a Chimney sweep is needed after the results of that very inspection.

Typical chimney inspections are done visually, and with the use of a special camera. A Level 2 Chimney Inspection boasts the benefits of a digital camera system and is dependent upon some sort of change being made with the existing system. That can be anything – including changing from a conventional wood burning fireplace to converting to gas logs, or a relining of the flue with a different type of material.

It is also a requirement when selling your home that a Level 2 Inspection be carried out. If your fireplace and chimney has gone through a malfunction and is not functioning properly, you guessed it, Level 2 Chimney Inspection!

Digital video is utilized in a Chimney Inspection. We insert a camera system from the bottom of the fireplace and is attached with a fiber-optic cable to a monitor allowing us to capture all parts of the interior of the smoke chamber and flue at every angle. This approach allows us to assess any interior damage that may have occurred since the last inspection so that we can provide you with a complete report (with digital photographs) to give you peace of mind for the upcoming fall and winter season.

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