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Chimney Inspection in Franklin Lakes NJ

Guardian Chimney


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For those living in the Franklin Lakes area of NJ a Chimney Safety Institute of America certified Chimney Inspection in Franklin Lakes NJ can provide a lot of insightful information. When Guardian Chimney performs an inspection you can expect to receive an honest evaluation about the state of your chimney. We perform Level II chimney inspections with state of the art video equipment. This way, we are able to catch things not visible to the naked eye. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your chimney inspection underway today.


Chimney Inspections After a Natural Disaster

After any type of damage, you should have your chimney inspected. But, it is especially important to have it inspected after any severe weather strikes. Even if your chimney looks sound after extreme weather, you never know what is hiding beneath the surface. If your chimney is cracked, it allows dangerous toxins, smoke and excess heat to escape. This can cause health issues and increase the risk of fire. You can be sure that no permanent damage was done, have your chimney inspected by a professional. After any of the following, you should have a chimney inspection performed (this is not a comprehensive list):

  • Tornado/Hurricane
  • Lightening Strike
  • Earthquake
  • Ice Storm

Chimney inspections are required in many situations. Don’t be caught off guard. Know the requirements for Level I, Level II and Level III chimney inspections. You can find out more information on chimney inspection requirements here. Chimney Inspection in Franklin Lakes NJ is done for your safety. Once you have an inspection completed, you may need to make some repairs.

Chimney Inspection in Franklin Lakes NJ

$50.00 Off Level 2 Chimney Inspection