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Chatham NJ Chimney Inspections

For your peace of mind, call Guard Chimney, an Chatham NJ Chimney Inspections company that specializes in level 2 chimney inspections. These video inspections help us see what problems, if any, your chimney might be experiencing when any changes are made to it. For example, if you got a new flue installed, we can provide chimney inspections so you can rest assured that your chimney is functioning properly and isn’t dangerous to you, your family or your home.

Plus, we can provide these Chatham NJ chimney inspections when you are buying or selling a home. You want to be sure the home you are buying or selling is as safe as can be, and a level 2 chimney inspection is an excellent way to ensure that when your family lights a fire to enjoy on a cold night, nothing bad will come about as a result. Chimney inspections are also important after an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane or severe thunderstorm.

Chatham NJ Chimney InspectionsMore about Chimney Inspections

Level 2 chimney inspections include a visual inspection, as well as an examination of crawlspaces, attics and similar accessible areas. On top of that, a video camera is used to check out the structure of the chimney, as well as the flue, for any damage (such as cracks) to the structure.

To put it plainly, chimney inspections can save lives. The sooner you know there is a problem with your chimney, the sooner it can be repaired and the less likely it is a fire will break out and cause serious injury or worse. These inspections will keep you safe and let you sleep easier at night knowing you’ve done your due diligence to keep your family and home safe and secure.

Chimney Inspections in Chatham NJ

For level 1 or level 2 chimney inspections in Chatham NJ, call Guardian Chimney at 1-888-688-1388 or Contact Us.

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