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Your average chimney sweep removes blockages, creosote and soot that have accumulated into a mass over time within your chimney. It is necessary, on a regular basis to have a chimney cleaning and/or inspection at your home. Guardian Chimney carries out Chimney Cleaning for Bergen County ,Essex County, Morris County, Union County and Passaic County NJ. Call us today and we will get you scheduled for an inspection or cleaning to ensure that your fireplace is safe to use prior to the fall and winter season. A general rule of thumb is that you should have your chimney inspected and/or cleaned once a year, preferably right before it is to be put into use again.

Regular cleanings guarantee the safest operation of your chimney. It only takes a small amount of accumulated creosote to unleash a potential chimney fire. A very flammable substance, creosote builds up within your chimney or liner as a result of burning wood. Creosote hampers the draft of the fireplace and reduces overall efficiency. Different types of wood foster different amounts of creosote when burned. Pine, for example, tends to create a swift build-up of creosote and should not be utilized as a heat source.

To make absolutely sure that your chimney is fully operational and set to function as it should, it is advisable that homeowners have an annual inspection, followed by a chimney cleaning, if deemed necessary. Other venting systems connected to furnaces and stoves should also be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain safer operation. Fireplace, stove, furnace and heating appliance systems are important to your home and the safety of your family—this is not an area to spare in order to save on costs. Do not take any chances with your chimney. Issues may be lurking within your chimney right now, potentially looming expensive repairs, chimney fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning are very realistic possibilities in an unchecked and not properly cleaned chimney.

Perhaps you only utilize your chimney sparingly. It is within your best interests to have the chimney inspected annually before the fall and winter season. This could make you aware that a cleaning is needed or that you are good without one for another cold season. Inspections can lead to the discovery of more than just a needed cleaning. Defects in design or installation can be detected during such an inspection that will otherwise rule out or justify the need for a chimney cleaning.

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