The cold bluster of winter is not far away at all. Do not get caught unprepared to fight the cold. Have the annual chimney inspection for your Summit or local home conducted now! If anything is amiss within your greater chimney, the sweeps at Guardian Chimney can get rid of all of the residual fireplace bi-products created by burning your fireplace last winter. You do not want to take the chance on allowing last years’ remnants to cause problems for you this year. Inspections allow you to see what, if anything, is wrong within your chimney.

A chimney filled with creosote is a chimney that could well set your home ablaze or poison everyone within it. Chimney inspections allow a qualified set of eyes to view any and all that is unfolding within your chimney. It will help tackle what needs to be done before it becomes an active fall and winter chimney. An annual inspection qualifies as essential, cleaning is dependent upon the results of that very inspection.

Typical chimney inspections are both with eyes directly and by video. A Level 2 chimney inspection boasts the benefits of digital eyes and is dependent upon some sort of change being made to the existing system that can be anything from changing from logs to gas or a relining of the flue with a different type of material that was in place prior to.

It is also a requirement when selling your home that a Level 2 inspection be carried out. If your chimney has gone through some sort of stretch involving it not functioning properly, you guessed it, Level 2 chimney inspection.

Digital video is utilized in chimney inspection. We drop a camera down the chimney (from the roof) and is meandered (by us) through varying components of the chimney itself, allowing us to capture every nook and cranny via any angle that is desired. This approach allows us to assess any interior damage that may have occurred since last inspection so that we can in turn inform you of any and all that will need to be done to allow for ideal cold weather usage.

In some cases, damage is more extensive and will move from a Level 1 to a Level 2. A Level 2 inspection is called for when we have to utilize special chimney inspection and repair tools to assess more hidden or underneath damage that calls for investigation.

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